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Customized mindfulness-based approaches to help your organization thrive.

Team Development Programs

Strong teams are capable of greatness, but managing team dynamics can be subtle and challenging. Free Form Minds has developed powerful mindfulness-based tools and approaches for optimizing and organizing individuals into unified teams.

Mindfulness Based Business Consulting

A business model is only as effective as the minds tasked with carrying it out. Free Form Minds integrates mindfulness into the operating principles of organizations, helping companies to create a culture of communication, cooperation, and innovation.

Executive Coaching

If you lead an organization, the state of your mind affects every single aspect of your company. Our executive coaching services give leaders the tools to strengthen their existing capabilities, manage challenges, and apply the principles of mindfulness towards realizing their vision for the company.

We believe that an organization’s greatest resource is the minds of the people in it.
  • The Research

    There’s rapidly expanding scientific evidence that mindfulness works. A growing list of respected academic organizations, including Harvard Medical School and The UMASS Center For Mindfulness, have identified an extensive range of physical and mental benefits brought about by this highly accessible practice.

  • How It Works

    Mindfulness is a practical discipline that enables practitioners to better understand and leverage their own minds. Practitioners cultivate heightened present moment awareness through mindfulness exercises, and then use it to address the challenges or opportunities in that moment. Enhanced awareness also enables practitioners to hone critical workplace skills like focus, creativity, problem solving, and communication.

  • Mindfulness In Business

    Leaders of industry like Google, Aetna, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, HBO, Goldman Sachs, and Ford invest extensively in mindfulness training. Mindfulness helps these firms develop the strategic advantages that keep them at the leading edge of their markets.

  • Bring mindfulness
    into your

Our Method

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Mindfulness Integration

Mindfulness is a powerful tool, but must be integrated into an organization’s processes, policies, and culture. Free Form Minds’ approaches are tailored to the demands of a professional business environment, giving our initiatives a lasting impact that can be sustained long after our program is complete.

Customized Approaches

Each company, and each person in it, has their own unique blend of assets and challenges. Our trainers work with individual participants to customize a dynamic mindfulness program that meets their needs, even as those needs continue to evolve.

Team Dynamics

A poorly established team dynamic hobbles even the most competent group of people, but an effective team is more than the sum of its parts. Free Form Minds works with companies to analyze the subtle interpersonal dynamics within the organization, and equips employees with practical skills for more effective collaboration.

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